No More Dirty Carpet Worries, The Cleaners Are Coming!

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Carpet cleaning company

While carpet and rug may be used interchangeably by some people, carpet usually refers to the wall to wall variety, but a good carpet cleaning company will clean them all. Finding a good carpet cleaner can be fairly simple, especially if you start with referrals.

Most friends, neighbors or colleagues probably have experience with a local carpet cleaning service. Use their referrals and recommendations to identify a potential carpet cleaning company for you. Whether you have carpets that are 12 feet wide or 15 feet wide, your carpet cleaning company should be able to clean them without affecting any seams.

Another source of referrals can come from online review sites. Other customers and past clients can provide their comments that will help you determine whether the carpet cleaning company might be a good match. Fortunately, since carpet cleaning is recommended every 12 to 18 months, there is plenty of customer feedback to use.

Regardless of the types and sizes of your carpet, you can usually get an estimate based on room measurements during a phone consultation. Some companies use different promotions as part of their initial visit. For example, some carpet cleaners will do a complimentary room cleaning so that you can see real life results. In these instances, you get a good sense of their expertise and skill in handling any carpet issues up close. Even if you do not use a trial cleaning, you can talk with them to understand how responsive they are to your schedule and your individual needs.

Finally, you have to remember that the five second rule is just a bad myth. Bacteria can live for months on your floors, so take care of your carpets to maintain cleanliness and a respectable level of hygiene. Fortunately, the nylon in modern carpets is resilient and responds well to cleaning.