Hair Transplants Explained

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In this video, you will learn about a hair transplant. The video discusses the ins and outs of hair transplants. Hair can grow from almost every part of our body. Hairs grow out of hair follicles and they can be as densely packed as 100 follicles.

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But for men in particular, hair follicles can stop growing. Some of us spend an entire year in our lifetime working on our hair. The soles of our feet, our lips, and our palms are the places that don’t grow hair. As part of our natural life cycle, the hair follicles stop producing hair. This can be caused by a lot of different reasons. Hair follicles simply stop producing hair. A hormone decides to come along and switch them off. The follicles around the hairline and the top of the hair just gradually stop producing hair. Once the old hairs fall out, they will not grow back. In the 1950s, doctors learned that you can remove hair follicles from one place and simply install them into a different area. Surgeons would remove small patches of skin, and insert them into the hairless areas in a pattern. Keep watching this video to learn more information.