Expand Your Knowledge With A Free Online Encyclopedia

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The encyclopedia has been digitized! Free online encyclopedias offer access to a world of information at no cost, whatsoever. Seek out information within free online encyclopedias and see why it is now regarded as the most effective source of knowledge.

Encyclopedias offer a summary of information from all branches of knowledge known to mankind. Free online encyclopedias are the latest stage in the evolution of the encyclopedia. Encyclopedias have existed for nearly 2,000 years. The latin form by which the word originates roughly translates to “complete knowledge.” The purpose of the encyclopedia has always been to collect information and compress it to a readable entry for those who seek it. Recording information in this way allows for it to be used for generations to come. Encyclopedias may range from a broad amount of topics to a single one. Specialized encyclopedias compile information on a specific field of information and provide a reader with the most concise and relevant information to a topic that is available.

In the late 20th century, with the increase in demand and use for CD ROMs, encyclopedias were transcribed from book to disc, for those who found the alternative more practical. These discs not only contained text based information, but audio and video clips as well. While the level of convenience was improved over physical encyclopedias, CD ROM encyclopedias have now been replaced entirely with free online encyclopedias.

Naturally, the next stage in the evolution of encyclopedias was to shed the need for physical copies. This has brought about the existence of free online encyclopedias. The digitization of the encyclopedia has seen a massive rise in popularity in the internet age. Free online encyclopedias provide all the knowledge found in a set of physical encyclopedias, however the online encyclopedias free the user from the need to thumb through a dusty old volume on a library shelf. The information a user needs is at the click of a fingertip at all times. An online encyclopedia free of charge is the most convenient and affordable source of information in the world. Access one today to seek out any form of knowledge on Earth, and keep a little extra money in your pocket in the meantime.