Raining Blood? Three of the Strangest Rain Events Ever Recorded

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Did you know that there have been several strange historical instances of rain being more than just droplets of water falling from the sky? Using free online encyclopedias, we have gathered for you the top three strangest rain events in recorded human history.

1. Yellow Rain

Yellow rain was an alleged biological attack used in Southeast Asia during the late 1970s. Supposedly, the new regimes that has risen to power in Laos and Vietnam began to drop a yellow liquid over previously rebelling villages, that sounded like rain when it hit. The liquid caused neurological and physical symptoms. Once examined, however, the rain proved to be mostly comprised of pollen digested by bees, not large amounts of mycotoxins as suspected. Until this day, the origins of the yellow rain remain unclear.

2. Blood Rain

Cases of blood rain have been recorded since the Illiad, written in 8th century BCA. In small areas, red rain would fall from the sky without explanation. Although this rain used to be considered blood and a sign sent from gods, modern studies suggest it is usually the case of red dust suspended in water, sunspots, or microorganisms. Online encyclopedia free note that the most recent red rain fell in Kerala, India, in 2012.

3. Raining Frogs

Frogs have also been recorded, along with other animals, as raining from the sky throughout human history. The most recent case was in Serbia, in 2005. There is no definitive scientific explanation for this phenomenon, but several online encyclopedia free say that the prevailing theory is that tornadoes and other large storms, centered over water, can pick up objects and carry them great distances. Since frogs are relatively small and often located in water, every once in a while they become a most memorable form of precipitation.