What You Need to Know About Land Surveying

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Land surveying is an important part of many industries. It’s something we may hear about but not know exactly what it is. And even if we do know, we often don’t understand just how it works. If your land will be surveyed soon, you may want to know what to expect and what is happening to it. In this video, you will learn exactly how land surveying works.

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It will explain how surveying is a method for measuring something massive. It finds all sorts of things, including boundaries and topography. It’s a large-scale form of measuring the same as measuring anything else, just with its own unique process.

The video will break down the process for you and explain how it works. Did you know that the device surveyors use is called a theodolite? It looks like a funky camera is used to measure angles. Land surveying used trigonometry often. If you need surveying in Panama, reach out to ACI Corporation.