The Website of Your Clinic Can Expand Your Patient Base

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Veterinary clinic websites

I nearly had a heart attack when I found out my favorite vet was retiring. Where would I take my dog to? Where could I find a vet that I could trust? I asked the doctor for recommendation, and she pointed me to a few vets websites.

I have to say, these veterinary clinic websites did put my anxieties at ease. I was worried that I would not be able to find the same level of customer service that my former vet had given me, but the veterinary clinic websites had numbers to reach their vets in case of emergency, as well as weekend hours. Plus, they had a flash application to let me schedule an appointment right there online. No coming in or phoning. I just put my name on a free time and got an email confirmation a few hours later.

I suppose that these veterinary clinic websites are just an example of the growing trend towards a more Internet invested future for business practices. Both businesses and customers are turning to cyberspace to satisfy their needs. Why, according to Pew Internet, more than half (58 percent) of people have done their research on a company or product online.

I mean, email marketing actually brings in over 40 dollars for every dollar spent on it. Plus, more than half (57 percent) of businesses have acquired a new customer through their company blog. This all just proves that having a professional web presence that accurately reflects the brand of your clinic is one of the best things for your clinic.

The next step after building great veterinary clinic websites is to market them properly. The trick is to get your veterinary clinic websites on the first page of google results. This is because nearly half (42 percent) of people that use the Interent to search only click on the top ranked link. Think about how much more business you could gain by harnessing all that web traffic.

I, however, did my research both online and offline to find my new vet. Though, I was very impressed with the veterinary clinic websites that I did frequent, and they did convince me to give my patronage to them.

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