Peeping For a Tornado

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In this video, you will learn about tornado shelters. A Ham Radio is being reviewed here, too. He bought a radio that is similar to a Ham radio. He purchased it online. You can change your settings to alert you of anything you want to hear.

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The radio is actually really great because it gives you all sorts of reports. You can change the settings to have you alerted of when there are tornados, floods, storms, and even bad air quality. He is going to review his storm shelter. His shelter is surrounded by brick. He storms chases, but when the tornado comes, it will be at 2 or 3am most likely. He has a weather radio that alerts you and says to wait it out. Storm shelters can be gross, but it is usually the safest place. You want to make sure that there aren’t too many things that can fall on you to trap you in the storm shelter. The shelter has rolling doors and a safety lock so you don’t fall through it when you walk over it. He said when he bought the house he wasn’t sure why the shelter wasn’t level to the floor. He found out that is because you want the water to flow off the shelter, not go down there with you.

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