How Does Dissolved Air Flotation Work?

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This video showcases how dissolved air flotation works. Convergence Training is on the spot to help by diving into this special water treatment process.

Inside Convergence Training displays how dissolved air flotation, sometimes better known as D.

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A.F., operates.

Here you will be briefed all about how D.A.F works in its water clarification development. All done in a special floatation tank using no filters or heat. You will learn D.A.F uses dissolved air and air pressure to cleanse the water of any solid floating material that may reside in the water, making it ready for consumption and use. Find how the dissolved air is pumped in and air pressure is manipulated to create a cleansing power effect separating the impurities out of the water and leading them to the top.

Learn how chemicals flocculant and coagulant can sometimes be added to aid. Not used everywhere, find where D.A.F. is often implemented most for an informative piece that will leave you knowing more that when you started.

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