Elite Fitness in Boca Raton Florida

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Elite Fitness

499 NE Spanish River Blvd

Boca Raton, Florida 33431



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The majority of U.S. adults find themselves in a fast-moving, downward health spiral. Most frustrating for them is that they cannot find effective ways to halt or prevent it. Situations range from health being affected by a busy lifestyle with no room for exercise; being unsure about what constitutes a “good diet”; and the accumulation of excess fat that nothing seems to budge.
For decades, the certified personal trainers at Elite Fitness in Boca Raton have guided clients through a stream of health and fitness hurdles. Two decades ago, anticipating the current health and obesity crisis, Elite Fitness owner, Elie Merhi, developed a health and fitness system to suit the busy lifestyle. He was determined to make the Merhi Method the most optimized, effective body transformation system in existence.