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Divorce lawyer pittsfield

Half of all marriages end in divorce. The other half end in death. The semantics of divorces can be very troubling, very stressful, and in some cases very expensive. Divorce attorneys can be very expensive and can in some cases, make one party in the divorce very destitute.

Ironically, a Norwegian study found that the divorce rate for couples who divide household chores is twice as high as the divorce rate in which the wife handles the housework. To that end, another study by the University of Cincinnati found that men are more likely to turn to drinking after a divorce than women. The average age of first time divorce seeking males is 30.5, which means the first marriage is not always successful. Therein lies the value of divorce.

Furthermore, in many legal jurisdictions across America, family courts see the most crowded dockets. This is because divorce is one of the most commonly occurring legal proceedings every year in the United States. Furthermore, divorce rates among couples over 50 years of have have doubled in the last twenty years.

Divorces can be very ugly. They can result in having to fill out child custody forms and other important documents, as well as the loss of property and capital. It is imperative to hire a lawyer that knows what he or she is doing and will take the best care of you in your divorce proceedings.

If you live in Massachusetts, you will need a Massachusetts divorce lawyer. Finding the right attorney can be a task and a half, but if you know where to go and you follow the right advice, you can be extremely well taken care of by your attorney. If you need to know how to choose a good lawyer, there is plenty of internet literature on the subject.

There are attorneys in Massachusetts that specialize in every aspect of law. You are bound to find the right attorney if you do your research. If you need a Massachusetts divorce lawyer, act now. You can find the one that is right for you. References: www.flournoylaw.com