Contact a Bails Bondsman When You Get That Call

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Bail out of jail

One of the worst phone calls you can receive is from a friend or relative informing you that they have been arrested and they need your help getting out of jail on bail. If this is the first time you have received such a call, you may not really know what to do. The first thing you should consider is calling a bails bondsman to help you.

Springing someone from jail is often a frustrating process and it can be lengthy and confusing as well. However, your main goal is to get that person out of jail as quickly as possible. A bails bondsman knows the system well and can get through it efficiently and as quickly as possible. The system of bail came from an English system from the Middle Ages. The system has changed, but it remains basically the same in as a bail bond is used to get the release of a person who is in the process of waiting for a trial. A bails bondsman or a bail bond agency can often release a person from jail in just a few hours. If a defendant does not appear at the trial date, the court will issue a warrant for an arrest for jumping bail and the amount of the bond posted by a bails bondsman will be forfeited.

As soon as a court has set the bail amount, a bails bondsman can get your friend or family member released. You have the ability to visit a bails bondsman to discuss all the options available to you. You should take note that in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Oregon there are laws that make it illegal to profit from posting bail. So, unfortunately if you are located in these states, you will not be able to find a bails bondman or other such organization. Also, the Bail Reform Act of 1984 established categories of who could be held without bail. A bails bondsman will know that these are those charged with serious crimes repeat offenders, the potentially dangerous, as well as those that pose a flight risk.

Bails bondsman organizations have different methods of accepting payment from you for the bail amount. These options include credit cards, and of course, cash. While using a bails bondsman is a relatively speedy process, the length of time it takes to actually see the release depends on each individual jail facility. The location and regulations of a jail will determine the actual time it takes to release an individual.

If or when you get that unfortunate call, make sure to contact a bails bondsman at a 24 hour bail bonds company to make the process of release your friend as smooth and quick as possible.
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