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What Is a Marine Isolation Transformer?

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In this YouTube video, Perfect Yacht Systems discusses marine isolation transformers. Marine isolation transformers can help guard against stray electrical currents contributing to corrosion.

Many boats come with a marine isolation transformer to protect underwater electronics.

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Each kind of transformer comes in different sizes, with varying protective coating materials and additional abilities.

Space and budget will determine which kind can be placed safely in a person’s boat. If money were no object, all boats would have one installed. The marine isolation transformers prevent reverse polarity in the electronics and help avoid corrosion from AC shore power sources.

Marine isolation transformers become especially important whenever power or automatic moving parts are located beneath the waterline. Water conducts electricity and can contribute escaped electrical current from other boats’ electrical activity to another person’s vessel sitting nearby. This unwelcome electronic activity can interfere with the electronic capabilities attempting to be performed by another person’s watercraft.

Once ordered, it can take several months to receive the marine isolation transformer because each transformer is made to order, like how other electrical transformers are manufactured. They can be costly, but the investment is often worth it.

Groundwater Remediation Explained

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In this video, you will learn all about groundwater remediation. If you have never heard the term before or are curious to know more about it, this is the video for you. You will learn what it is and how it works, and especially why it’s important.

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This will help you to stay informed about what goes on in your area’s environment.

Groundwater remediation is a process by which polluted groundwater gets treated. It is important because it helps the earth stay healthy. The pollutants can be removed or converted into something harmless. Groundwater is the water used in wells from which people drink and farmers also use it to water their crops, so keeping groundwater pollution-free can help keep everyone safe. To prevent the groundwater from becoming polluted again, it is important for people to adopt healthy habits as they use the earth and limit by-products.


How the Health Care System Works

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The question of how the health care system works–or even what it is–might seem difficult to tackle quickly. However, this video proves otherwise.

The system includes everyone who provides a health care service to patients: doctors, hospitals, clinics, and even pharmacies. Patients often don’t pay providers directly, but their insurance companies pay for services; although patients may be required to pay directly if their insurance plans don’t cover the charges for certain reasons or require a copay.

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These companies may be private or government organizations, as is the case with Medicare, which is funded through taxes. Insurance companies receive compensation from employers and employees who pay into health plans in the form of monthly premiums.

Another organization is known as an HMO, which integrates the insurance company with the medical provider through contractual relationships or even by employing providers directly. Patients are limited to doctors on the HMO’s list. A PPO similarly works from a list but offers more flexibility. Patients can see other providers, and their PPO may still cover some of the cost. But PPOs do not manage providers as closely as HMOs do. Regardless, both services manage the financial risk of