The Commercial Lavatory has Come a Long Way

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Commercial lavatory

The commercial lavatory is not something that many of us really think about. We rarely think about even the toilet or other fixtures in bathrooms. However, the modern toilet has a fascinating background. Prior to flushing toilets, people outhouses that were often located over running water. Then we moved onto the use of chamber pots. Yes, those pots whose contents that were often just thrown out of the window.

The King of Crete, Minos, is said to have the first flushing toilet about 2,800 years ago. Then in about 1596, the godson of Queen Elizabeth the I replaced the antiquated chamber pot with his flush toilet invention. Alexander Cummings received a patent in 1775 for a flushing toilet.

Thank goodness for modern plumbing. It really would be unpleasant to have flying chamber pots and outhouses instea