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How to Repel Skunks

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Even homeowners who love nature and want to be surrounded by Mother Nature’s creatures can at times find themselves dealing with visitors they would rather not have in their yards. One such example is the skunk. While they are not directly harmful or dangerous in most cases, skunks can prove to be a major annoyance and issues for homeowners. Skunks are known for their terrible odor that they can spray at enemies when they feel threatened, including people and pets. And the smell is terrible and notoriously difficult to get rid of!

So this handy YouTube video helps shed some light on things people can do to avoid sunk encounters, keep them off their property, and how to humanely implement skunk removal if they get caught. These tips can make it easier for homeowners to protect their property and keep their pets and family members safe and protected from annoying skunk encounters.

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It is a handy video that can prove to be a valuable asset to anyone who has a skunk problem and needs to know what they can do and what skunk removal options are available to them.

A Basic Guide to the Types of Forklift Trucks

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Forklift Trucks

The different types of forklift trucks are essential to understand before you operate one to ensure the safety of the driver and the work environment. Their classification is based on their power sources and operator position (whether hand-driven or ridden).

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The first classification is for electric-motor driven forklifts and includes:

  • Rider trucks
  • Narrow-aisle trucks
  • Hand or hand-rider trucks

The second classification includes forklift trucks with internal combustion engines that use diesel, gasoline, or liquid petroleum and includes:

  • Trucks with solid or cushioned tires
  • Trucks with pneumatic tires

The sixth type of forklift truck has both electric motor and internal combustion engines, while the seventh is the rough terrain forklift more commonly found on construction sites. OSHA has a classification criterion with eleven subtypes of forklifts to guide in determining the safest truck for different hazard environment. It uses both the power source and letters to describe the number of safety features a forklift truck has. The more letters on the classification, the more its safety features. For instance, among the diesel-powered forklifts, ‘D’ has minimal fire hazard safeguards, while DS has exhaust, electric fire, and fuel hazard safeguards.

How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

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residential garage door

Garage doors tend to squeak, screech, and grind from time to time. The video below explains why this is and what to do about it.

Certain areas of the residential garage door system attract dirt and grime, making it so that the door experiences friction when in motion. Two common areas that need attention are the garage side door tracks and the top of the sliding track where the chain is.

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Homeowners should use a clean rag sprayed with a bit of WD-40 or a similar solution and wipe down these areas. It isn’t necessary to clean the bottom of the upper track on the ceiling of the garage.

Homeowners should also periodically apply a grease product to various moving parts of the garage door system. This includes hinges, visible springs, joints that move along the side tracks, and ball bearings in the wheels. Some wheels and other parts are completely sealed and therefore won’t need a grease product. The best grease products to use are lithium-based and silicone-based grease. Oil-based products like WD-40 contain a degreaser which may only add to the noise later on.

If homeowners have any problems or questions, they should consult a professional garage door installation expert for help with their residential garage door.

Why Is It Better to Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

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If you are considering a divorce, you may be overwhelmed by the wealth of information on the Internet and don’t know where to start or who to trust. Currently, through the Internet, you can find a lot of information about divorce in blogs, websites, news, etc.

However, you must be very cautious in the information you read, since wrong advice can cause you to make mistakes when filing for divorce or defending yourself. Although being advised by an experienced divorce lawyer will always be the best option, there are some cases where you may not need an attorney, since you can solve it on your own. Prime examples of this are when both want a divorce and have no children or property in common.

Divorce Lawyers Have Legal Knowledge

If you are considering a divorce, but have not made up your mind yet, it could be a good option to request the advice of one of the divorce lawyers in your local area. This is a professional who can answer your questions and explain your rights and the alternatives you have, unless you are confident in your ability to interpret the rules, valid tests, and legal paperwork.

For example, if you find out about your partner’s infidelity and want to start a divorce proceeding for that reason to request compensation, it is extremely important that, before doing this, you still consult a lawyer for legal assistance, since there is a deadline to file the claim for divorce counted from the moment you become aware of the infidelity. In addition, valid evidence must be obtained to initiate this type of procedure. A law firm has lawyers to provide information about the kind of evidence that will be accepted by the court system.

It is a good idea to interview a few attorneys before deciding on one. You should ask about the experience they have with these types of cases and if they are in favor of solving cases through private negotiation (out of court) or through settlement. This point is important since it is in your best interest that the lawyer not only has experience in litigating in divorce proceedings but also has the ability and experience to resolve conflicts through private negotiation with the other party (in order to reach an out-of-court settlement).

Uncontested Divorce

If you are just starting the divorce process, you might be thinking about not hiring an attorney and doing it yourself to save time and money. Let’s look at a few scenarios you may want to consider where legal consultation is still necessary. If you had a short marriage and both of you want to end the marriage without any financial or legal battle and you have no assets or children, then you would have an uncontested divorce.

If you are not interested in receiving alimony, it also makes the divorce process much easier. While you may be able to gather pertinent information about how to proceed on your own, it is always recommended that you seek the help of an attorney. There are some details that you may overlook and it won’t help your case in court.

When Should You Hire A Lawyer?

There are situations in which you should always seek the advice of an attorney. Some of those instances include:

  • When there is family violence or child abuse
  • When your ex-partner has hired a lawyer
  • When there is substance abuse and alcohol in your ex-partner
  • If you think your spouse is hiding or selling both of your assets
  • If your ex-partner threatens to harm you and lead to financial ruin
  • If your ex-partner does not have good communication and your divorce involves minor children and property
  • If you and your ex-partner has a business or accumulated a debt together
  • If the other spouse refuses to grant you a divorce

It is never easy to come to the decision that you want to go through with a divorce. In many cases, it is quite unbearable, especially when there are children involved. However, in the case of domestic violence or threat to someone’s life, it may be the only decision to make in filing for a divorce.

When communication has been eroded between partners and there is no other way to mediate with a third party or family member, the next step is to consult with a qualified divorce attorney to obtain full legal representation. Your lawyer will make sure that your rights are highly represented throughout the divorce process. This is ideal for people who are already going through the fear and stress of a divorce.

The Estate

Another key to a divorce or separation is the estate. You will have to divide the assets, rights, and obligations accumulated by both of you during the time of coexistence.

In this case, it is necessary to take into account, especially, the economic standing that the marriage had.

If the couple was governed by the separation of assets, the procedure will be easier to carry out because each one will maintain the rights over what they have achieved, and they will only have to distribute goods acquired with common finances. Something similar happens if you had a participated financial standing since this is a mixture of the other two, although, it is true it may be very rare. A divorce attorney will be able to walk you through any complexities related to this.

The greatest difficulties will come with owning community property together. Legally, everything obtained by the members of the union during the time they are married is placed in common and becomes the asset of both parties. Therefore, at the time of distribution, there will be more tension and the volume of assets to be divided will also be greater. Special mention deserves is the distribution and dissolution of homes, vehicles, inheritances, and shares. The more financial capital and assets accumulated, the more difficult to decide and relinquish.

Divorce Lawyers Make the Divorce Process More Efficient

A good divorce attorney is experienced enough to assess the situation and make the right decisions for clients. You will receive wise suggestions for your particular situation so you can have the best outcome once the case is taken to the court system. You want a lawyer who offers efficient and effective divorce law services. Many attorneys have relationships with judges and have had similar cases like yours to make the right decision and get the desired outcome.

Many of them also have experienced staff members that will keep you abreast of what is going on with your case. The first step after finding a reputable attorney is to have a scheduled consultation. The attorney will ask questions and provide you with the best path forward to get a reasonable settlement and outcome. The lawyer will be the one to speak to and negotiate with the ex-partner’s attorney if the case requires negotiating.

Objective Advice

Divorce is never easy. In fact, it is quite an emotional experience and so you need a lawyer who has empathy and compassion as well as understanding. You want a professional who understands that you will go through feelings of betrayal, sadness, depression, fear, confusion, and rage. Sometimes, all of these emotions can occur all at once and even during a client/lawyer session. This heightened level of emotions means that the lawyer must know how to be objective as well. With such emotional turmoil, it is not recommended that you represent yourself.

Your emotional state could get in the way and prevent you from asserting yourself and that is one of the reasons why you should have a good divorce attorney on your side. While you channel those emotions, your attorney will develop legal and common-sense strategies to aggressively defend your case. Your emotions could sabotage the case and so it is best to leave it in the hands of a competent professional.

Divorce Lawyers Can Help Navigate Child Custody

Acquiring custody in a divorce can be difficult for various reasons. This is especially true if you don’t have a job or enough financial capital to raise your children in a safe environment. A divorce lawyer can help navigate the child custody process. Child custody attorneys are focused on doing what is in the best interest of the children and at the same time, representing the client.

Child custody and divorce both fall under family law and so you need a divorce attorney who is also experienced as a family lawyer. You might have to do your research first before hiring a lawyer who specializes in both child custody and divorce. When you are going through a divorce, you need to solicit legal representation where questions are asked about the marriage and whether the children are living in an emotionally abusive or negative setting.

There are some cases that can be quite complicated and for that reason, it could be more challenging to represent it in court without a lawyer. The attorney will take certain things into consideration such as behavioral issues, medical disorders and diagnosis, and the environment in which the children reside.

There are times when one partner might relocate to a different state after the relationship has been dissolved, but yet want to maintain contact with the children. This is where it could get complicated for both partners. A family law attorney acts as the mediator in such a situation, working out the semantics involved so that everyone is pleased with the outcome.

There could be a custody battle if an attorney is not involved in the whole process. It is crucial to have an attorney who knows and understands how to create jurisdictional and legal boundaries. The sooner you can consult with a lawyer, the better it will be. This is especially true for a noncustodial parent who has not seen the child for a long time.

Divorce Lawyers Can Help Navigate Child Support

Finding a good family lawyer is important to stating your case and having someone experienced working for you. Child support is another significant issue that your divorce lawyer will take up with the courts. If you are the custodial parent and singlehandedly raising the children on your own without the help of the noncustodial parent, a lawyer will work on your behalf to get child support. Your lawyer will help you work out the details for the noncustodial parent to pay the fair share of taking care of the child or children.

Completing Paperwork

When you are going through a divorce, there is a lot of paperwork involved. Many of them have to be filed prior to the proceedings, during the proceedings, and afterward, especially when child support is a part of the process. A lawyer knows the different forms associated with child support, child custody, and the actual divorce. It is crucial that the right paperwork is fully completed. The judge relies on paperwork and information to make the best judgment.

If you make one mistake or omit something, it could go against you. Lawyers have efficient staff to help with completing the paperwork. They will advise you on how to fill out all the necessary information. You will also get a list of required documents to provide. Completing the forms appropriately could increase your chances of gaining a favorable view from the judge. Many divorce cases are held up in the court system because of incomplete paperwork. A good attorney will make sure that this is not the case.


So that you do not lose out and see yourself with nothing, you will need the wise advice of a divorce lawyer. It is recommended to appraise all the properties so that later the distribution is fair, but in any case, trust your lawyer who will be the one who can best help you.

The History of Roofs and Roofing Repairs

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The roof is just about the most essential part of any home. It helps keep your house safe from the harsh weather elements. Every home needs a functional roof in order to maintain a happy and comfortable home life. There are many different styles and designs of roofs. Roofs have changed mightily throughout the years. Follow along to learn more about all the different types as well as the history of roofs.

Roofs Throughout History

Ever since the beginning of civilization, humans have always had a need for shelter. In the early days, they were forced to make shelter out of whatever was available. Early humans had to make do with what they had. As society has progressed, so have the designs of different homes. The design of roofing has significantly changed throughout the entire history of roofs.

Some of the earliest known roofs can be traced back to the Chinese around 3,000 BC. Their structures typically employed clay roofing tiles. First-century Greek and Roman civilizations used slate and tile roofing. In eighth-century Western Europe, thatched roofs were most popular. By the eleventh century, they had transitioned to wooden shingles. The different designs have always come for a variety of different reasons. Functionality, new innovations, and the cosmetics of roofs are some of the major contributing factors in the history of roofs.

One of the most important factors when evaluating the different types of roofs is the type of structure. Residential roofing is often vastly different from the roof on a business building. Home roofs usually have a more distinct design than other buildings. They have also gone through the most changes during the whole history of roofs. Looking at a picture of a roof from one hundred years ago may surprise you. There’s a great chance that it looks overwhelmingly different than a home from today.

More Roofing Advancements

During the twelfth century, thatched roofs came with a host of issues. Fires became a risk with them, and homeowners needed to adapt. In order to prevent fires, clay roofs became the standard. Laws were passed so that homeowners were required to change to clay. In the following century, concrete tiles came into existence.

In the history of roofs, New England architecture is one of the most prominent designs in America. The Cape Cod style emerged in the seventeenth century and was well-known for its relatively simple structure. The Cape Cod eventually gave way to the colonial-style roof. These roofs are sloped like that of a shed. Another name for these roofs is the Saltbox Colonial.

Another popular style of roofing includes the Georgian architecture style. In the history of roofs, this style first surged in popularity in the eighteenth century. They were typically used on the homes of the upper class. Among the common designs of this style included the gambrel and the hipped roof. These designs were frequently among the most common designs of this era. The gambrel is a two-sided roof with one having a shallower angled slope. The other side is much steeper. Hipped roofs have sides that are sliding downwards. These roofs look like pyramids when it is squared. On a rectangular home, these hipped roofs include all four faces on the same slope.

Residential and Commercial Roofs

Home roofs typically are more aesthetically pleasing and contain more distinct design elements. The roof on a business, for example, will not contain similar types of roof design. Something like asphalt roofing is more popular in these roofs. Functionality is the major key element.

When it comes to commercial roofing, the roof serves many purposes. They typically have flat top roofs. This way they can hold things such as the air conditioning unit so they will need a roof that is strong enough to handle it. For commercial buildings, the look of your roof is rather irrelevant since customers typically do not care. They do not have to worry about things such as the property value of the building. Homeowners will go to great lengths to make sure that their roof looks nice as well as being functional.

Modern Roof Design

Many of these classic roof designs have withstood the test of time. There have been, however, several updates and innovations. This is likely because of the expansion of the different materials. When considering roof replacement, many homeowners look for something that looks nice, can protect the home, and are relatively low cost. The history of roofs have seen some fantastic innovations in roof design and installation.

Roof installation can be a tricky business for any homeowner. It can be rather expensive and can come at an inopportune time. If you neglect your roof, you could be facing numerous issues in your home maintenance. If rainwater were to enter your home, mold could develop. This mold can create a nightmare for those of us with respiratory issues. It is important that you get any roofing problems fixed as soon as possible.

Different Types of Roofing Materials

Throughout the entire history of roofs, there have been roofs made out of a variety of different materials. As new advancements come out, the construction of roofs will advance along with it. Today there are several popular choices in roofing for someone building a home or business building.

There has been a growing concern with the environment. There has been a concerted effort to protect this planet earth. There are new materials that are more “green” friendly materials that are being used to make roofs. One such example is sod roofing. Sod roofing first emerged in several Scandinavian countries during the seventeenth century. Its popularity still persists through this day and age. Back then these roofs contained wooden boards and many layers of birch bark. The birch bark would make the roof watertight. Topping it off would be a layer of grass that kept the bark in place.

There have been several changes made to the sod roofing system over the years. These include layers that help with water drainage. There are also systems to protect the roof from wind and others that will help with the growth of the organic material. By using these organic materials already available to us, sod roofing is more environmentally friendly. Sod roofing can also provide excellent insulation for the home. Sod roofing is a unique but eye-catching roofing choice for any home.

Another popular roofing material choice is metal. Metal roofing is a sturdy and long-lasting material that has been returning in popularity. They are known for their durability and fire-resistant qualities. They also require little to no roof maintenance. Many steel roofs are made from recycled materials, which makes them environmentally friendly. The lightweight nature of these roofs has many benefits. They can be installed over the existing roof, so you don’t have to dispose of the old materials. Throughout the entire history of roofs, metal roofing has stood the test of time and have proven to be incredibly efficient.

You can add slate tiles to the list of popular roofing materials. They can be on the expensive side of the spectrum. These materials do boast a long shelf life and are known for their aesthetically pleasing look. Their distinctive look is sure to impress anyone passing by or visiting your home. There are a few cons to them, however. They are rather heavy and difficult to walk on. This may make routine repair jobs difficult. You might have to find another way to clean your gutter, for example. When deciding on the right material, there should always be an in-depth period of research to determine what is best for your home or business.

Composition shingles are one of the most popular types of roofing materials. They are known for their sturdiness and clean look. They are also pretty affordable to most homeowners. They can be made from fiberglass, asphalt, or even recycled materials. Roof replacement can be fairly simple since the shingles can be installed over the existing roof. Maintenance is likely not that difficult and offers quality fire protection. There are a few cons for you to take into account. Strong winds, as well as heat conditions, can do some damage to your roof. You will need to evaluate the pros and the cons during your decision making process.

Finding the Right Roofing Contractor

Throughout the entire history of roofs, there have been countless quality contractors who specialize in this business. If you find yourself in need of a new roof, you will need to search for an exceptional roofer. Roofing is popular and growing industry. The expected growth of this profession is projected at 2% over the course of the next decade. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. The wrong roofing contractor can leave you in a whole mess of headaches.

There are a number of things to consider when evaluating the different roofers in your area. The first step you can take is to ask for any recommendations. Unlike a mechanic or plumber, a roofer is someone who you will use only rarely. You likely will not have a go-to contractor that you can rely on frequently. When discussing your search with friends and family members, you can compile a list from which that you can narrow down.

Once you have your list of roofers, you can cross-reference with them against online review websites. These websites offer unique insight into their business pedigree. However, it is important that you carefully examine the various reviews. A negative review may not be quite as damning as one might assume. Some customers can cause headaches for the business. They may have had unrealistic demands or been a nuisance to their roofer. Look for specifics in the reviews. Did they point out something in particular that highlights or downgrades the performance? This information can really help you make a wise choice in finding a roofing contractor.


Trusses are an essential part of any roof. There are numerous types of roof trusses from which you can choose from. They are an important part of the construction of the roof. They can also have a distinctive look that helps accentuate the beautiful features of your home. Some common trusses include gable trusses, the hip truss, and the attic truss.

Filed under the gable trusses are the King Post, Queen Post, Howe, and Double Howe. The gable truss is also known as a pitched or peaked roof. There are several differences between the trusses. A Howe Post, for example, is much stronger and offers more support than a King Post.

With a Hip truss, there are slopes on each of the four sides. These slopes meet at the center point of the roof. They are built to withstand high winds and snow. They offer more stability than your standard gable roof. Another type of truss is the attic truss. These trusses are most commonly found in garages and sheds. They are used for buildings that need some additional storage space. The support webs will frame the walls of the entire room. In addition to storage units, they can also be found in some homes. It is important to consider the various types of trusses when you are making your decision.

How to Save Money

Roof repair can be a rather expensive process. We all hope that things are built to last and require only the most minimal of repairs. Those in a financially strapped position may have limited options. There are, however, ways that you can save on this process.

One cost-saving measure to consider is to schedule during the off period. The warmer weather months of spring and summer are the high point of the roofing season. Since it is an outdoor job, nice weather is key. The rest of the year is supposed to be the slow season. Many roofing services will offer discounted rates during this time. The company will appreciate the business while they are slow. You can also save by having the company utilize the stacking method. Instead of removing the old tiles beforehand, you can stack the new ones on top of them. This will reduce the labor time and cut down on those costs.

The history of roofs includes some great innovations throughout the years. We have seen some incredible advancements in roofing design. When you are in need of a new roof or some repairs, you have plenty of great options for your home.

What Are the Best Ways to Secure Your Home This Winter?

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For those of us in the United States that are forced to “fall back” every autumn, the evening and morning darkness last us a whole extra hour. That means that the pitch-black night time comes even earlier than the already early nights in the colder months all over the world. With all of these factors combined, it’s no surprise that there is almost always an increase in crime during the fall and winter months.

With all of that in mind, it’s a good idea to consider your home’s security. If there was an emergency like a break-in or attempted robbery, would you be equipped to deal with it? Would you feel comfortable knowing that your family is in your home without you there to protect them? If not, then it’s a good idea to look at ways to improve the security around your house. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to do this, and even the pricier options are worth the investment. At the end of the day, ask yourself: What is your family’s safety worth to you?

Take Advantage of Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

Since the idea of increased crime during the winter is definitely not a secret, look at big-name security systems and see if any sales are being promoted. Oftentimes security companies that provide cameras, alarms, and other security systems will run sales during the Christmas season. Look at what’s available to you and decide what you should invest in — and contact your homeowner’s insurance if you do. You can reduce monthly payments up to 20% in so doing.

Outdoor security cameras can be a hugely useful tool, especially when they’re placed near doors, outbuildings, and near vehicles. Cameras will catch would-be perpetrators, giving you valuable insight into what they look like, what they were wearing, and any other physical descriptors to help you identify them. Most modern security cameras let you upload footage to the cloud, which can be saved and shared with law enforcement if need be.

Security cameras don’t need to stop at the home, though; car cams are incredibly valuable for catching things like traffic violations and accidents in real-time. Otherwise known as dash cams, these little cameras attach to the dashboard of your vehicle and record everything in front of your car. This gives you a full view of what is happening on the road around you and can serve as evidence if you are willing to press charges against an offender. Car cams are a good idea no matter what time of the year it is, winter or not, so consider investing in something high-quality for the utmost protection.

Look Into Wireless Security Options

It’s a good idea to look into wireless security options. The word “wireless” is a general term for using the internet to broadcast signals instead of depending on hardwired connections. This can mean anything from your Wii remote to your car’s GPS, but today we are specifically talking about your home’s internet security. Are you confident that you are protected against a cyberattack of any kind?

Generally, when you sign up for internet service, your ISP (internet service provider) will have a set of built-in security options such as a WiFi password and other firewalls to repel hackers. Ensure that you are regularly allowing your PC and other devices to install updates, and if need be, look for ways to beef up internet security. There are plenty of free widgets and tools that you can download such as CCleaner and Norton Antivirus, but if you want something a little meatier, look into paid security programs. These can include McAfee Antivirus, Bullguard, or any other reputable software that will keep your computer free and clear of viruses and attacks.

For people who are parenting in this digital era, internet security means more than avoiding viruses. The internet is a useful tool, but it is also a cesspool of negativity, inappropriate websites, and of course, potential creepers who prey on children. As a parent or guardian of a child, it’s your responsibility to protect them from the dangers of the internet. Along with your regular internet security protocols, consider special security that is specifically for parental controls. Some of our favorite software for this purpose include:

  • Kaspersky Safe Kids. Affordable and convenient, this program lets you control and monitor your kids’ internet usage on mobile as well as desktop internet platforms.
  • Clean Router. This is an internet router that is geared just for filtering out inappropriate content, including flagged websites and pornography.
  • Net Nanny. Though this service requires a monthly subscription, it does a fantastic job protecting your kids while surfing the internet. Net Nanny automatically scans web pages and flags anything inappropriate, giving you peace of mind and letting your kids freely browse the web.

Prevent Pest Infestations

Part of home security is ensuring that you and your family are protected from unwanted visitors other than crooks and criminals; it also means safeguarding you from bugs and other vermin. The weather outside is getting more and more frightful by the day, which means that the critters outside are trying to find a warm home to spend the winter.

As much as you’d like it to be, this is not a Disney movie. If you open your attic door and see a nest of rats or raccoons bundled up snug and warm, they will not help you take a bath and clean the house. Rather, they can be dangerous and cause serious damage to your home’s wiring, siding, insulation, and more. Even worse than the furry creatures are the ones that have exoskeletons and way too many legs — these pests are highly unsanitary and can cause disease and otherwise discomfort in your home.

Pests of any kind require an exterminator, and not soon enough. An exterminator will come through and use different control methods like poisons and traps to get the nastiest of pests gone. Some will also provide a deterrent spray along the perimeter of your house to prevent the grossest bugs like roaches, millipedes, spiders, and ants (carpenter, fire, or any kind of ant you can think of). The deterrent spray will kill most bugs that dare cross the border, keeping your home bug-free for at least three months before another application is required.

If you’re one of those tenderhearted souls like we are and can’t stand the idea of innocent raccoons dying in your attic, never fear. This is when you call a wildlife control specialist instead of an exterminator. Companies like Critter Control use cruelty-free methods to help you to catch and control your furry pests, keeping them alive and then releasing them back into their native habitat once they’re caught. This can include bats, raccoons, rats, or whatever creature is invading your home. Ensure that when you call regarding animal control, you ask the proper questions regarding the humane treatment of the critters.

Double and Triple Check the Locks on Your Windows and Doors

You know that one lock in your home that isn’t quite secure, but it’s such a minor thing that you always forget to replace it? Now’s your opportunity to remember. Seasoned criminals and those who know how to break into homes know all about those wiggly, unreliable locks because those are the ones that they know how to take advantage of. Avoid giving bad guys instant access to your home by replacing whatever needs to be replaced.

Walk around your home with a notepad and pencil and put your hands on every single entrance: Windows, sliding patio doors, garage doors, etc. Test to ensure that all of these have proper locking mechanisms and that there is no obvious way to jimmy them open, and take note of possible security gaps. If need be, investing in replacement windows can be a great way to add a layer of security to your home. Windows with double-paned glass are more energy-efficient, last longer than the outdated varieties, and best of all, have modern-day locks on them.

For added security, consider adding locks to your exterior doors. Sliding latch looks commonly found in apartment buildings are a great option, as well as bolting security locks. For sliding doors, we recommend putting a straight piece of wood between the door tracks during the night time and when you’re otherwise not home, thus preventing it from sliding open all the way. It might feel a little silly to be so overcautious, but if you are prevented from the heartache and stress of a break-in or other criminal activity, you will thank yourself later. As we already asked you: What is your family’s security worth to you?

Don’t Ignore the Hidden Dangers

The scariest security issues are the silent ones. Don’t discount the importance of keeping the home safe and healthy from dangers that might not be immediately obvious. You might not think that you are breathing unclean air, but remember to stay up-to-date on home maintenance that can improve indoor air quality.

The likely example that comes to your mind is likely your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You’re one smart cookie! Remember that regular testing and changing out the batteries on these devices is so, so important in your family’s safety. Carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless and can spread with absolutely no warning throughout your home. Your properly functioning carbon monoxide detector is the only surefire way to safeguard your family against the dangerous poison, so stay on top of it.

Don’t discount the importance of mold remediation, though. Your home will have some mold in it from time to time, whether that’s inside the toilet or along the bathtub, but the good part is that that sort of mold and mildew is easy to clean up. The mold that you need to worry about is the kind that lives inside drywall and foundation, which is slowly eating your home from the inside out.

Don’t wait until your walls look like the basement in The Haunting of Hill House before you decide to seek out help. The moment that you spot moisture in your house, you need to seek and destroy what is causing it as soon as possible. Some warning signs of hidden moisture might include:

  • Soft, spongy spots in your drywall or floor. Anything that indents when you push into it with your fingertip is Not A Good Sign and can be a strong indicator that you’ve already got a bigger problem than you realized. Call a contractor to get a professional opinion, as well as advice on how best to tackle the issue.
  • Missing shingles on your roof. You might not think it’s that big of a deal to be missing a shingle or two, but make no mistake: Your roof shingles are the helmet for your house. Missing shingles that show your roof’s bare underside can lead to rot and moisture, causing leaks and water damage inside of your home. If you live in a climate with lots of snow and rain (we’re looking at you, Seattle), then a healthy roof is more than just a good suggestion; it’s literally what could save you thousands of dollars in water damage later on. Don’t wait to get your roof inspected if you suspect there’s a leak of some kind; early prevention is the best idea.
  • What’s that smell? An earthy, woody, or dirt-like smell in your house is one of the biggest red flags that there is moisture somewhere. Follow your nose and find where it’s coming from. Sometimes it’s as easy as cleaning up a spill under the sink, but sometimes it’s much more damning than that. This is where all of the above tips come together in one; once you find where the smell is coming from, you can check for soft spots, leaks, or other existing damage.

We are begging you to take all of the dangers inside of your house seriously. Although not all are security measures in the sense that you might be thinking, like dealing with rot and mold, they are all invaluable solutions that can save you buckets of money and heartache down the road. Personal and home security are a big deal, especially during the darker winter months. Invest your time now into preventative measures so that you are safe and protected from dangers later down the road.

9 Interesting Facts About Aviation That Everyone Should Know

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We might not be able to travel as much as we want to right now, but that doesn’t stop someone with wanderlust from thinking about travel as much as possible! And remember: if you really want to go on a trip, you still can. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for Americans to travel internationally right now, there is still a lot of travel to be had within the country. The great thing about the United States is that the country is vast, and you can have a vast number of different experiences when traveling from one coast to another around the United States. Furthermore, the travel bans that we are currently dealing with are not going to last forever. Once a coronavirus vaccine has been given to the majority of the population, it will be much safer for people to travel again. But just because you can’t travel far now, or perhaps can but don’t feel comfortable with the idea of traveling yet, doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning to travel. In fact, now may be the time to begin booking parts of your travel plans, like plane tickets, as the rates may be lower now than they will be in the future. As long as you’re able to cancel and get a refund, you have nothing to worry about; and if a partial refund only is on the table, it may be worth the risk. Of course, if you’re planning on traveling far, you’re probably thinking about flying. That’s why we’re looking into some interesting facts about aviation. Not only are planes and airlines probably a part of your future travel plans; they’re also interesting on their own.

Maybe you’ve never flown before, and are simply aspiring to fly while also being a little intimidated or worried too. That’s okay! Planes are still relatively new to the travel industry, and a lot of people have issues with flying due to a lack of knowledge about it. With that being said, let’s look into some of those interesting facts about aviation. The more you know about aviation, the less you’ll have to worry about your future travel plans. So, let’s dive into some facts you should know about aviation, as well as some facts that are just fun to know.

1. A Boeing 747 Is More Complex Than You’d Think

The Boeing 747 is one of the most famous types of planes in the industry. There are a lot of benefits to this plane compared to others, which is quite large and distinctive. Once you begin looking up interesting facts about aviation, you’ll quickly realize that one of the reasons why a Boeing 747 is so large is that it has many different parts; probably more than you would think. In fact, a Boeing 747 plane has 6 million different parts. A wide-body commercial airliner and cargo transportation aircraft, it’s often referred to as a Jumbo Jet or Queen of the Skies. Just a few buttons and switches make it possible for a pilot and co-pilot to control a Boeing 747 and also making it a dream for engineers to explore. Its gas tank alone is massive, holding up to 48,445 gallons of fuel. That means that it can hold 17,248 as much fuel as the gas tank of a Dodge Ram pickup truck. The Boeing 747 makes large scale travel a lot easier, and it’s an important plane we rely upon to this day.

2. Flying Is More Exclusive Than You’d Think

When commercial airlines began operating in the middle of the twentieth century, air travel remained quite exclusive. Only the upper levels of society flew on a regular basis to the expense of airline tickets for quite some time. Though flying has become more attainable, it’s still not common for everyone to fly; or at least not as common as many might think it is. While there are budget airlines available for those who are traveling on a budget, some, especially those with a fear of flying, remain more comfortable with more expensive, mainstream airlines. The fear of flying also keeps a lot of people from flying as much as they would otherwise. It’s believed that just 5% of people have flown, though the aviation sector is expanding — as seen through the fact that you’re reading interesting facts about aviation right now!

3. Planes Aren’t Depending On Engines

In horror movies, a plane experiencing an engine failure would cause it to crash immediately, and that has affected how many people viewing flying. If you feel like the smallest issue could cause a plane to immediately fall out of the sky, all the interesting facts about aviation wouldn’t lead you to try flying. But the truth is that a small issue, let alone something as crucial as an engine failure, will not ruin a plane that easily. Indeed, an airplane can last up to five hours in the air following an engine failure. While some planes so differ, this measure was raised after the Boeing 787 was tested. Ultimately, as long as pilots responsibly measure the issue in cases like these, they are able to safely land before the problem become severe. In reality, many of the issues that worry people who haven’t flown before are either extremely rare or impossible. While you may imagine that collisions happen in the air, the reality is that this is highly unlikely when you’re traveling aboard a major commercial plane.

4. Flying Is Safer Than Driving

if you remain afraid of flying, it’s worth considering what you probably do on a regular basis that could potentially be much more dangerous. Every day, you probably get in your car and drive; but do you think much about what can happen when you do so? For a lot of people, getting hurt in a car accident is an abstract concept, but it can happen to any one of us under the right circumstance. You’re actually much more likely to be hurt or even killed in a car accident than you would be during a plane ride, which is why you need to weigh your options carefully. While a long road trip may help you avoid a potentially scary trip by plane, you’ll actually be more likely to get hurt if you drive the whole way. For that matter, it’s often more economical to take a long plane ride over a car ride. Yes, a plane ticket may seem expensive at first, but compared to the money that you may spend on gas, food, and accommodations while driving cross country, it may not be that much of a problem after all. It’s also, of course, much easier to fly by plane than drive by car. In some areas, traveling by plane has actually become much more of a norm; in Europe, for example, extremely affordable flights have made it much easier to travel between countries. The next time you’re debating driving or flying, just think of the issue in those terms.

5. Bring That Moisturizer On Board

When flying, you may check some of your bags; but you’ll also typically be allowed a carry-on item as well. When filling your bag with goodies, you might want to consider including a moisturizer, especially if you can ensure that it contains the right amount of liquid, as instructed by the TSA. Why? Well, the air on an airplane is certainly healthy for you to breathe, and the on-flight air conditioning system will keep it temperature controlled and comfortable. But it will remain quite dry, regardless of what airline you’re flying with. Typically, the humidity on a fight will sit at less than 20%, compared to the Mojave Desert, where the humidity will be at levels around 50%. That kind of dry air isn’t bad for you, but it can dry out your skin. Therefore, you may want to bring a moisturizer for your face on a long flight, as well as moisturizing lotion for your legs. These types of interesting facts about aviation may be more focused on your personal comfort than the plane at large, but they’re important to consider.

6. Airline Food Can Cater To Your Diet

If you’ve never flown on a plane before, you may be looking up interesting facts about aviation specifically to see if you can bear to fly in the first place. Where once planes were not known as the most comfortable places on earth, major airlines as well as some smaller lines are making steps to change that. One step that has been taken is the act of offering different food options for travelers with specific dietary needs on the flight. Of course, some of the first changes made involved offering travelers with allergies hypo-allergenic meals, as well as lactose-free meals to lactose-intolerant flyers. But in more recent years, Kosher meals, as well as vegetarian and vegan options, have been offered to travelers as well. While you might feel guilty about asking questions regarding special dietary restrictions before you book your flight, this is important. American Airlines, as well as Delta Airlines, take the step to offer vegan meals because they understand that this is important for travelers and must be tended to. Make this request ahead of time if you can; if it isn’t offered ahead of time, verify that it will be offered on board the flight before you book. But with that being said, never settle for a long flight in which you cannot eat. When a flight is long, you need to be able to eat, and that is part of what you pay for when you buy a ticket.

7. Planes Are Advancing

The design of airplanes is not stagnant. In fact, a lot of the most interesting facts about aviation center around the changes being made within this field. Of course, what most aviation engineers, especially new aviation engineers, are primarily concerned with the safety of passengers. Aviation engineering jobs are focused on advancing airplanes and creating the safest flights possible. For example, in 2016 a Ukrainian engineer created a plane that could have its cabin ejected through a system operated by pilots following an engine failure. This would mean that, in cases like these, the cabins would have parachutes deployed and float safely to the land. While most airplane crashes occur due to issues with takeoff and landing rather than engine failure, this design ideally won’t need to be used much in the future. But it’s certainly something to consider.

8. Plane Doors Don’t Open Mid-Flight

Again, if you’re afraid of flying, you’re probably looking up interesting facts about aviation as a way to calm yourself. Let us help you out. Are you every afraid that the plane’s door will open mid-flight? If so, you really needn’t be. To ensure the safety of the passengers, this door is available so that during an emergency landing it can be opened and the passengers an evacuate. However, the air pressure is so high when you’re flying that it’s virtually impossible for the door to be opened mid-flight.

9. Yes, There Are Aviation Lawyers

While browsing interacting facts about aviation, you may be curious about the laws regarding issues on airplanes. Fortunately, aviation lawyers exist to help people navigate these laws and to ensure that law and order is still followed on airplanes. Essentially, aviation law covers all issues regarding aircraft, their navigation and maintenance, and the safety of air traffic control and pilot licensing. It’s important that rules are followed on flight. Ultimately, this will result in everyone being much safer in the long term.

Again, it makes sense if you’re scared while flying at first, and don’t relax until the plane’s tires hit the ground. But there’s no reason why you should feel that way. You need to be careful about the airline that you fly with. You certainly don’t want to spend too much on a plane ticket; but at the same time, don’t work with a budget airline that may source their plane and helicopter parts from unreliable sources. As long as you’re careful about who you fly with and keep track of interesting facts about aviation, however, you should be perfectly safe!