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Tips for a New Diamond Buyer

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Diamonds are unique gems that are highly prized for their purity and beauty. Since they are so expensive, a diamond buyer has to be able to grade a diamond in order to tell how valuable it is. This video covers important tips for first-time diamond buyers.

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Many people have heard of the 4 Cs of diamond grading. A diamond’s cut, color, carat, and clarity all factor into the value of a diamond. A low-grade diamond will be small and yellow and have visible occlusions and cut defects. A high-grade diamond will be large and perfectly clear, and a master craftsman will have cut it flawlessly.

However, unless you have unlimited resources, you can’t just purchase the very best diamonds. Truly perfect diamonds are exceptionally rare and extremely expensive. In order to maximize your purchasing ability, you need to know how to prioritize.

According to the video, you need to purchase diamonds according to your budget and preferences. Figure out how much you can spend, which shapes you like, and what quality is acceptable to you. Then, compare those decisions to your budget. Can you afford the diamonds you want, or will you need to reprioritize your diamond needs?