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How to Install Sound Deadeners

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Is your car too noisy? You may be looking to install sound deadeners in order to muffle the natural rattling of your car and quiet it down while you’re driving. Depending on the type of sound deadeners you get, the installation instructions may vary, but in this video, you will learn how to install them so you can have the most general idea of what to do and get started with no problem.

The video will begin by explaining what you’ll need for the installation, including scissors, a roller, and a rag. Once you have all of your tools, you’ll need to prepare by deciding where you want to install the sound deadeners.

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Be careful as you disassemble your car parts, such as your door, and disinfect the area before doing anything else. Take your time to measure and cut the sound deadeners. Do this right the first time and be careful so you don’t hurt yourself. Now you can install the deadeners.