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Replacing a Commercial Flat Roof

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You may have noticed that while residential roofs are peaked and made of shingles, commercial roofs tend to be flat and made of other materials. Have you ever wondered what commercial roofing repairs look like? Or even a whole commercial roof replacement? In this video, you will get to watch a commercial roof replacement from start to finish so you can see just what goes into such a project. You will also get to see some of the other differences between commercial and residential roofs.

Video Source

The roof in this particular video is made of PVC membrane. The first step is to remove the old roof. This is done with a tool that can get under the roofing material and pry it up so it can be pulled away. The debris then needs to get cleared away so nothing gets trapped under the new roof. Before the new roof is installed, insulation will be laid down and stapled in place. The new PVC membrane will then be rolled out onto the roof on top of the insulation. You will get to see every step of the process.