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What Are the Advantages Of Attending a Private School?

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There are advantages of attending private schools that are not always mentioned by those who are happy to keep the status quo the way that it is. This instructional YouTube video can help explain why private schools are a great investment, but it breaks down into a couple of big reasons.

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Students receive personalized attention that is hard to come by in a public school. The students at a private school simply have greater access to their teachers and other resources that the school can provide to them because there is a smaller teacher-student ratio in these schools. This means that the teachers have the greatest opportunity possible to interact with students on a one-on-one basis.

Secondly, students at private schools are freer to openly express their religious beliefs and values. Public schools must keep school-sponsored displays of religion out of the school. However, private schools are often based around a shared religious belief, and that is why many parents opt to send their children to private schools where they are encouraged to express their religious views, and where that kind of thing is seen as a norm that they are expected to do.