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Using an Electric Torque Wrench or a Tensioner?

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Torque wrench calibration

When you have high bolt loads, a bolt tensioner or an electric torque wrench are typically the most common tools for tightening large bolts. In appropriate situations, an electric torque wrench which does not need to connect to a pneumatic hydraulic pump the way a hydraulic tensioner connects, might be the most effective tool. If the bolt load and assembly does require significant loading, then the electric torque wrench may not provide the right tensioning capabilities.

Tensioners come in an assortment of types depending upon application and other related factors. There are variable, fixed, subsea, wind turbine and pump coupling tensioners available for very specific tasks and loads. They can be used, in lieu of an electric torque wrench, in high tensile bolt connections such as on tower crane joints and mast, jib and slew rings bearings.

There are a number of different types of bolt and stud tensioning applications such as with turbines, wind turbines, steam turbines, heat exchangers, pipeline flanges, valve pumps and pressure and reactor vessels. As you get into higher pressure flange connections (perhaps using hydraulic tensioners), it is generally advisable to use a hydraulic flange spreader for medium to high pressure flanges during disassembly and maintenance.

Although tensioners have many applications, there are still situations that can take advantage of an electric torque wrench that operates with a frequency controlled synchronized motor. This type of motor in an electric torque wrench provides a high mounting speed.

Get Your Scuba Game Up To Par

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Real estate chesapeake va

If they are looking for real estate Virginia Beach home buyers would benefit from learning about deep sea fishing since they will be right near the water. Being only twenty minutes away from the oceanfront ensures great seafood and fun activities like cruises or just renting a boat for the day. When families are looking at homes for sale in Norfolk VA residents might be able to tell you which parts of the beach are the best to go to.

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When they are considering buying real estate Virginia Beach home buyers can decorate their home with their personal style. When you think about personalizing your potential real estate chesapeake va home buyers can think about what additions would increase the resale value of the home. By making sure your home is easy to resell it will be much easier if you and your family ever decide to move, again.

When families are looking at homes for sale virginia beach residents will be able to direct them in the right direction to find the amenities of Virginia Beach. In Suffolk new homes are not the only things to look at. Since the waterfront is not too far away, people will be able to enjoy everything that comes with having an ocean near them.